Marines host mentor event for Soldiers

Marines host mentor event for Soldiers


Camp Pendleton (Horno, 52 Area)

Last Wednesday, Marines hosted several US Army Soldiers at an event hoping to allow Soldiers to glean some weapons experience from Marine Infantrymen. The event took place at the School of Infantry, Camp Pendleton, where the Marine Corps trains their basic infantry before they head off to their MOS schools. 

Army Col. Jeffrey Teal said "It's really swell these men offered to teach my boys a thing or two. We even got to touch their bigger guns" Marines brought out the M249 SAW, a squad automatic weapon issued to the gunner in each infantry fire team. "I can't believe these guys have to carry this, it's so heavy!" SPC Tedd Murphy (42A) said. "One Marine said they hump it up the big hills we saw outside, that's insane!"

Major Jake Payne, USMC briefly offered a few words on the event he hosted. "Word came down this morning, we had to let these guys talk to some of the Marines here. Let me tell you, it was a real pleasure having to change my entire training schedule for the day, send several Marines to the armory to draw weapons, and send guys for take out because our chow hall apparently doesn't meet Army standards. I told Col. Teal we'd be happy to have them follow us on the hump up Recon Ridge, but after he stopped laughing and realized I was serious, he declined."

The event went well, one soldier said he was excited to get the badge the Army was issuing after the event. No more information was received from Major Payne on whether more of these events were planned.




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Just a correction real quick.. currently serving as an 11B U.S. Army, and there is no way in hell a spc. said that about a 249! Maybe a POG but no infantryman. We use 240s 249s m4s. Easy shit.

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