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Marine Drill Instructor boards wrong bus - High school Students Traumatized.

Marine Drill Instructor boards wrong bus - High school Students Traumatized.

It was just a matter of time. Local San Diego high school hired a new bus driver recently and he got on the wrong exit and ended up on MCRD. 

Having just finished his first cycle as a Drill Instructor, Staff Sgt (Redacted), was pretty amped up. "I just love Making Marines, I lost my bearing a little, I guess" He entered that bus with the intensity of a freight train. One student tried to explain they were lost and obviously was greeted firmly with agreement. "No S*** You're F****** Lost!!!! But now you're found, and you belong to ME!" An onslaught of beratement continued for another 15 minutes continued until another Drill Instructor, who had been sitting outside the bus listening and laughing finally felt the children had enough, walked in and dismissed the Drill Instructor. 

The Command SgtMaj received a concerned phone call from the High School Principal later that afternoon. The tone quickly shifted when the SgtMaj had heard enough. After several apologies from the principal, the school has sent out a memo to angry parents. "The incident in question was part of a planned recruiting trial" The memo went on to explain, the students were given a unique opportunity to experience boot camp and should be thankful for such a honored experience. 

Hot cocoa and warm blankets were passed out at the school, all children expected to have a full recovery. Local recruiters report several students called the next day interested and have begun plans for a joint operation to reroute more buses to the gate.

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