Concealed Carry Apparel

The right to own and carry a weapon is one aspect that sets America apart from many other countries. Our right to bear arms is protected by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. The ratified text of the Second Amendment, authenticated by Thomas Jefferson as then-Secretary of State, reads as follows:

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

If you do a Google search for the Second Amendment, the results page will be equally filled with articles calling to disband the Second Amendment and articles in support. It’s no secret that the right to bear arms has been a hot topic for the last few years, but at the end of the day, everyone wants a safer America. We believe that creating a safer country cannot be done without allowing law-abiding American citizens to carry concealed weapons. There are multiple reasons that someone would want to keep a firearm on them. Most of the time, it is for self-protection and peace of mind in the event that they or their loved ones should be attacked.

Many people compare having a concealed firearm on their person to having a fire extinguisher in the house - you’ll probably never use it, but boy are you glad you have it during an emergency. If your house catches on fire, you don’t want to be that person who loses everything because you never got around to buying a fire extinguisher. If someone tries to attack you, you don’t want to be that person who can’t do anything to stop it. Obviously, concealed carrying isn’t for everyone - ultimately it comes down to whether or not you are comfortable handling and using a potentially deadly weapon.

Without the proper CCW apparel, carrying a firearm can be dangerous. Dropping or losing your handgun can cause a world of problems, and we are supporters of safe-carry practices. In order to help you do that, we offer a variety of concealed carry apparel, including concealed carry jackets, hoodies, vests, holsters, and more. This gives permit holders (or those in states with unrestricted jurisdiction) the ability to safely and confidently carry concealed firearms.  

Four Types Of Concealed Carry Apparel From Leatherneck For Life

1. Concealed Carry Jackets

Wearing a jacket that is specifically designed to conceal a firearm is a great choice for everyday wear, climate permitting. Obviously, the last thing you want to do is overheat because you’re just trying to be prepared for anything (we have waist holsters that are perfect for warm weather). Our concealed carry jackets are a great discreet way to carry your firearm. While some jackets look a little bit tactical, most of these CCW jackets look like your average Joe’s jacket, but are equipped with multiple internal pockets on either side to holster your handgun and to carry extra magazines. A concealed carry jacket is ideal for times when you will be outdoors and don’t expect to take off your jacket. For example, if you’re walking around town on a chilly day or spending time at an outdoor event. Let’s go over some of the high-quality CCW jackets that we offer here at Leatherneck For Life.

To kick things off, our 3 Season Concealed Carry Jacket is the perfect option if you live in cooler climates where you aren’t going to be taking off your jacket frequently. Designed to be as functional as it is warm, the 3 Season Concealed Carry Jacket has a water-resistant outer layer to keep you dry, as well as plenty of quilted padding for warmth. This CCW jacket features a concealment pocket on either side so it is perfect for right-handed and left-handed people. The 3 Season also has pockets to hold extra mags, and two outer tricot-lined pockets.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a region that features great weather year-round, or you want a light summer jacket with a tactical twist, then our Lightweight Concealed Carry Jacket might be a better option. Just like the rest of our concealed carry apparel, this CCW jacket can be used for both left and right-handed shooters and features four internal mag pockets. While this jacket is structured enough to avoid printing, it is lightweight enough to not look out of place in warm weather.

With more of a tactical look and feel than our other concealed carry apparel, the Concealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket is perfect for all weather, and even has a removable hood. Made of moisture-wicking material, this tactical jacket not only has internal pockets for carrying your firearm and extra magazines, but also features multiple external pockets, including slash chest pockets on either side, zipper pockets on each sleeve, and two zippered back pockets. This CCW jacket also features a velcro patch attachment on each side so you can wear USMC patches with pride.

2. Concealed Carry Hoodies

If you prefer to carry your handgun in a waist holster or belly band holster rather than in your jacket pocket, we have you covered. Our concealed carry hoodie is great for keeping you warm while still allowing quick, easy, and discreet access to your firearm. Bulky clothes that keep us warm during the winter make it difficult to draw our firearm quickly when needed (unless they are concealed carry apparel). To combat that, our concealed carry hoodie features a reach-through kangaroo pocket, so if needed, you can draw your weapon through the front pocket even when it is holstered on your hip. This is an ideal hoodie to have when you need the element of surprise, as you can discreetly grab hold of your firearm with your hands seemingly in your pocket.

3. Belly Band Holsters

While most people carry with an inside-the-waistband holster, for some this may not work. For example, if you want to take your firearm with you on a morning jog, wearing a holster with exercise wear might not be secure. For others, wearing a waist holster can make them look bulky and give away that they are carrying. A concealed belly band holster is a great option for people who want to carry under their normal, everyday clothing. A button up shirt is great for concealing a belly band and usually avoids printing (when the outline of the gun can be seen through the shirt). While belly band holsters can be worn with exercise clothing, even loose shorts or sweatpants, it is important to take into consideration how sweat can affect your firearm over time. Most people who use a belly band holster can avoid rust caused by sweat by simply wiping their firearm down at the end of the day or after a particularly intense workout session.

4. Concealed Carry Vests

While we offer full tactical vests like this one, there’s nothing discreet about a tactical vest that has external mag holders and an external holster - and this page is all about concealed carry. We currently offer two awesome CCW vests as part of our concealed carry apparel. The first is our Plain Clothes Concealed Carry Vest, which features an internal pocket on either side to conceal your handgun, as well as four internal mag pouches. However, this is a cargo vest if you’ve ever seen one - with over a dozen external pockets, including a rear zip pocket. Essentially, you can carry literally everything you need in this vest.

Our second concealed carry vest is our CCW Soft Shell Vest. This vest looks a lot more unassuming than the plainclothes option we just described, but doesn’t feature quite as much storage. Like our other ambidextrous concealed carry apparel, this vest features an internal front pocket for your firearm on either side, as well as a total of four magazine pockets. Keep in mind that a holster is not included with this vest, but it works great with our Universal Hook & Loop Holster (which everyone who carries a firearm should own).

Information About Concealed Carry In The United States

So now that you have your concealed carry apparel, you can go out and about with the ability to defend yourself should something happen, right? Well, not exactly. Every state has its own laws and regulations regarding concealed carrying (and some counties even have their own laws), and while we want you to be able to enjoy your right to bear arms, we also want to go over some different types of CCW regulations for anyone who might be unfamiliar.

There are several permitting practices that different states follow, but they generally break down into four categories. Keep in mind that the data on this page is subject to change, so be sure to check your individual states’ laws for updated, accurate information. A quick Google search of “concealed carry permit in [your state]” should point you in the right direction. The four categories of concealed carry laws are as follows: unrestricted jurisdiction, shall-issue, may-issue, and no-issue.

In states that have “unrestricted jurisdiction,” citizens can carry a concealed, legally-owned handgun without a permit. States that are “shall issue,” which comprises of most US states, require a permit to carry a concealed weapon, but the only requirement is that a citizen passes criteria laid out by the law, such as a background check. “May-issue” states require a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and the decision to issue a permit is at the discretion of the proper authorities. Finally, “no-issue” states do not allow citizens to carry a concealed weapon in public.  

May-issue states currently include: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island. One interesting tidbit is that, by law, California and New York are may-issue states, but in practice, they are more like no-issue states.

States that are unrestricted include: Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Most other states are “Shall-Issue” states.

Almost all states require permit holders to notify police and other law enforcement of their concealed firearm during a traffic stop in some capacity - which if you are legally carrying and not looking to cause trouble, it is probably a good idea to notify them anyway. In most states, if a police officer asks you if you have a weapon, you need to inform the officer that you do. In other states, including Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, North and South Carolina, Alaska, Ohio, Michigan, Maine, and Rhode Island, you need to notify an officer that you have a concealed handgun regardless of whether they ask you or not.

Quick Facts On CCW Permits

Since 2007, the number of handgun permits skyrocketed from 4.6 million to over 16 million today. The Crime Prevention Research Center published a study in July of 2017 on concealed carry permit holders in America, and their findings may surprise some. As of that study, the findings were as follows:

  • 6.5 percent of American adults hold concealed carry permits. If you do not include California and New York (restrictive states with high populations that skew the data), that number rises to 8 percent.  
  • In Alabama, 1 in 5 adults have a concealed carry permit.
  • Women are obtaining CCW permits at nearly three times the rate as men. In fact, 36 percent of permit holders are women.
  • From 2007-2015, the number of permits rose 190 percent. In that same time frame, the number of murders per 100,000 people fell from 5.6 to 4.9, a decrease of 12.5 percent. Overall violent crime rates fell by 18 percent.
  • In Florida and Texas, citizens with concealed carry permits are convicted of crimes, including misdemeanors and felonies, at one-sixth the rate that police officers are convicted. In fact, people with concealed carry permits commit crimes, both violent and nonviolent, at a much lower rate than the general population.  
  • Florida has the highest number of CCW permits, with about 1.8 million citizens holding concealed carry permits in the state. Pennsylvania and Texas take up the second and third states for most permit carriers, with 1.3 and 1.2 million permit holders respectively.

Be Sure To Use The Right Concealed Carry Apparel

We want our customers to be able to confidently carry their firearms with them wherever they go in a concealed manner (it is illegal in most places for citizens to openly carry). If you’re using cheap CCW apparel or not using any sort of holster at all, then you risk having your firearm fall out of your clothing, which most likely won’t end well for anyone. Stocking up on proper CCW apparel for year-round carrying (including a winter concealed carry jacket, summer CCW clothing, and concealed carry apparel for when you’re being active) will ensure that your firearm is there when you need it, and stays put when you don’t. Check out the rest of our tactical gear and concealed carry apparel here.